Why the Lydia Team

Why We Chose Lydia 

Lydia was a well-known seller of the unique purple dye that brought her area universal renown and in the Bible typifies a successful business woman in a prosperous city. She is described as having great ability, enthusiasm, singleness of purpose and mental acumen. That she was wildly successful in business is seen in her ownership of a spacious home with servants to care for her as an unmarried woman. Lydia also had the honor of being Paul’s first European convert—the forerunner of a mighty host to honor the Lord. Becoming a Christian did not make her less of a successful business woman. Now she had Christ as her Senior Partner and with Him we can imagine that trade remained good.

Paul was able to witness to many people while benefiting from Lydia’s generous hospitality. He praised God for all she had meant to him and his companions. Lydia always had “open house” for the saints of God and her home became a center of Christian fellowship in Philippi with the first Christian church being formed therein. When Paul came to write his letter to the Philippians, we can rest assured that Lydia was included in all the saints at Philippi to whom he sent his salutations (Philippians 1:1-7) and was also in his mind as one of those women who labored with him in the Gospel (Philippians 4:3).

  • I highly recommend Melanie & her team

    With an active email list of over 3000 families, we sought the help of Melanie Diehl. She customized our Constant Contact database and established templates for our 10 neighborhoods with approximately 300 families in each. She trained the neighborhood leaders and incorporated social media campaigns to boost our readership. I would highly recommend Melanie and her team to any organization.

    Father Phil Tighe
    Director of Vocations and Seminarian Formation, Diocese of Raleigh, NC